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  • The Parental Relocation Process in Ohio

    Because everybody’s life has the ability to take a sudden turn that may require you to have to relocate. This includes those who have gone through a divorce and are sharing child custody or who have visitation privileges. As such, the state of Ohio has created a process which these parents must go through in order to get the court’s approval to relocate with their children over state lines. Let’s ...
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  • Five Child Custody Mistakes You Can Avoid During a Divorce

    Child custody is frequently a number one priority for divorcing parents preparing to end their marriage. While the courts have adopted a more collaborative view on how divorced parents should share custody and parenting duties, there are still many key decisions that need to be made to determine these arrangements and allocate responsibilities and rights among the two parents. Unfortunately, many ...
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  • Can I Prevent My Ex From Moving My Child Out of State?

    Child custody is one of the most complex and contentious aspects of many divorce cases. Although courts will typically order a parenting plan which grants parenting time to the non-custodial parent, circumstances can often change in the years following a divorce. In some cases, the custodial parent will wish to move with their child, often out of state. How Can I Block A Move? While there is no ...
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