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Blog Posts in 2013

  • 5 Common Mistakes

    How to avoid five common divorce mistakes. Staying clear of these common pitfalls will save you time and money. Divorce can sometimes feel like a minefield. Which path to take isn’t always clear, and missteps are easy to come by. When you’re facing divorce in Columbus, Ohio, family law attorneys at Weis Law Group are ready to help you avoid common divorce mistakes. 1. Not knowing where you stand ...
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  • Oral argument preview - unvested military assets

    Are unvested military benefits marital assets? Ohio Supreme Court to decide whether unvested military retirement benefits are subject to division in divorce proceedings. This week, the Supreme Court of Ohio will hear oral argument in the case of Christen M. Daniel v. Sean M. Daniel, 2012 -2113 . The issue before the Court is whether unvested military retirement benefits are marital assets subject ...
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  • Featured Question: Checking Account

    Your finances after divorce. Common questions during a divorce in Ohio. [body] If one spouse is in charge of handling the finances, the other is often saddled with a slew of new and intimidating responsibilities in the event of a divorce. If this is your first time budgeting and handling a checking account, you’re probably facing numerous questions such as, “How do I open a banking account after ...
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