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Blog Posts in 2014

  • How long does a divorce take?

    How long does divorce take in Ohio? Get the answers to your pressing divorce questions. We hear it every day: When will this be over? By far one of the most common divorce questions Columbus couples have is how long the process will take. There are no hard and fast answers, but most experienced Ohio divorce attorneys will tell you that accelerated divorces boil down to your willingness to ...
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  • Oral argument preview

    Do minors have a place in contested visitation proceedings? Ohio minor argues Constitutional Right to participate in a parental dispute. At Bucyrus High School today, the Ohio Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case of In re A.G. This case begs the question: Do the U.S. Constitution and the Ohio Constitution guarantee minors the right to attend and participate in disputed visitation ...
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  • Top underhanded tactics used by husbands during divorce

    Five underhanded tactics used by husbands in divorce. How Columbus divorce attorneys deal with a dishonest spouse. Going up against your husband in a legal battle may feel like a David and Goliath circumstance. If you’re like many married women, you trust your husband to handle the household finances and operate with the understanding that he holds yours, and your family’s, best interests at the ...
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  • Dating during divorce - Should you do it, and how do you tell your ex?

    Can I date during my divorce? Navigating how (and if) you should date before the papers are signed. Becoming newly single inevitably brings up the big question: When can I start dating? Do I need to wait until the ink has dried, as soon as the bags are packed, when the kids are old enough? Because there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, it’s best to work with a Columbus divorce attorney to create a ...
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  • Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    Sexual Abuse Awareness Month: Taking action in your marriage If you’re facing abuse in your marriage, it may be time to seek a Columbus divorce attorney With over 12,000 reports of spousal abuse in Ohio in 2012, Sexual Abuse Awareness Month this April brings an opportunity to give guidance on very real issue of domestic abuse. Domestic violence , also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, ...
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  • The Case Against 8

    A new documentary gives a face to the families affected by Prop 8 The Case Against 8 follows the landmark lawsuit pursued after Proposition 8 revoked same-sex marriage in California Can we reach national marriage equality in the next five years? In a question and answer session following a screening of the documentary The Case Against 8 , renowned lawyer David Boles asserted such a goal. The right ...
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  • Legal separation vs. divorce

    Legal separation may trump divorce. Is legal separation the best option for your marriage – and your bank account? Many couples who find themselves on the rocks choose to go the trial separation route. But what happens when this test run becomes permanent? Should wives seek a divorce; should husbands file for a legal separation ? There are many reasons couples are choosing to stay legally married ...
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  • Recap judge's ruling for Ohio same-sex couple

    Ohio Judge Recognizes Same-Sex Marriage On Death Certificates Ruling may prompt reversal of Ohio’s same-sex marriage ban. A Cincinnati federal judge ordered authorities on Dec. 23 to recognize gay marriage on death certificates – a decision which could set the stage for a reversal of Ohio’s ban on same-sex marriages. The Cincinnati Enquirer writes that while Judge Timothy Black's ruling applies ...
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  • Divorce Parties

    Divorce party trend picks up momentum. Could Columbus divorce be cause for celebration? Divorce isn’t an event many want to consider – let alone consider celebrating. But over the past few years, party planners from Vegas to Manhattan have seen a surge in both divorce parties and divorce showers. While graduation parties, wedding showers and other celebrations have always been commonplace, many ...
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