How long does divorce take in Ohio?

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We hear it every day: When will this be over? By far one of the most common divorce questions Columbus couples have is how long the process will take. There are no hard and fast answers, but most experienced Ohio divorce attorneys will tell you that accelerated divorces boil down to your willingness to cooperate.

While there are many factors surrounding the speed of your divorce, your willingness to sit down with your respective lawyers to reach an agreement is one step you do have control over.

A divorce can take anywhere from several months to more than a year from the time the Complaint for Divorce is filed until the final Judgment Entry grants the divorce, but your readiness to compromise with your spouse can unequivocally expedite the affair. When spouses make “kitchen table” agreements without lawyers present or take a “win at all costs” position, the process will almost certainly be drawn out.

The quickest method of divorce is dissolution, a form of no-fault divorce. Dissolution is the most common method of ending a marriage, as over 90 percent of divorces are settled before they ever reach trial.

This option requires both parties to agree on all issues surrounding the end of their marriage before they file any papers with the court. The documents must detail the terms of the husband and wife’s agreement, including spousal support, parental rights, child support and the division of assets and liabilities. Both parties must appear before a judge and state their agreement to end the marriage. Once the spouses reach an agreement and file it with the clerk of courts, the court must hold a hearing within 30 to 90 day, generally occurring about 45 days after the paperwork is filed.

Three factors that could affect the length of your divorce.

Of course, if a divorce cannot be resolved amicably and requires litigation or a trial, it could take months longer to finalize. Some factors that can contribute to a lengthy process include:

  • The legal and factual intricacy of your case. More assets and complex facts require extra time to divide and analyze.
  • Whether you have children. Fierce custody battles and child support disagreements can add months (and dollars) to your Ohio divorce.
  • Whether you and your spouse can compromise. Settling out of court may be the quickest way to end a marriage, but only if you and your spouse take the right steps. Always talk to your lawyer about the best plan of action first.

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