Dirty Tricks Your Ex Might Try During a Divorce

Even the most honest person can be tempted to resort to a few underhanded practices when they are worried about the future. That means that during your divorce, it is important to be aware of some unfair tactics divorce lawyers in Ohio see on a regular basis.

Denying Access to Financial Information

In many marriages, one spouse takes over most of the financial management jobs, from investing to paying bills and filing taxes. The other spouse often has a rather vague picture of the financial situation and may not know where to find all of the key financial information such as account numbers and passwords. However, even when both spouses keep close tabs on finances, that may not prevent one from denying access to the other by hiding files and changing passwords.

One of the best ways to protect yourself during divorce is to make copies of critical information such as tax returns and recent account statements before your spouse has a chance to hide documents. If your spouse has already denied access to information, your divorce attorney can take legal steps to require full financial disclosure.

Pressuring for a Quick Settlement

It is much easier to hide assets or information when you don’t have to keep it up for very long. Unscrupulous spouses often pressure their former partners to sign settlement papers quickly before they have had a chance to investigate finances and legal options. Spouses who are rushed through the process are far more likely to miss hidden assets and accept settlements worth less than they are entitled to receive.

While it can be challenging to resist pressure, especially from a spouse with bullying tendencies, you can avoid the problem by referring your ex to your attorney.

Hiding Assets

It is illegal for a spouse to hide assets from the other. However, it happens too often in Ohio divorces, particularly in situations where one spouse has their own business.

An unscrupulous spouse might make fake business payments, convert assets into collectibles that can be easily hidden, or squirrel away funds in a foreign trust. Working with an attorney who knows strategies for detecting hidden assets is the best way to protect yourself.

Delaying the Process

Another tactic commonly used to get a spouse to agree to an unfair settlement is to drag out the legal process unnecessarily so that increasing legal expenses and cost of temporary living arrangements force that spouse to accept. One spouse might keep rescheduling hearings, file extra requests for evidence, and hit the other with a series of useless legal motions. Your attorney should be watching for this type of strategy, and ask the judge to put a stop to it.

Failing to Relinquish Assets or Pay Support

The unsavory tactics do not end when a divorce is finalized. Ex spouses can be notorious for failing to pay spousal or child support or refusing to turn over assets as required in a court order. These actions are illegal and they put your ex in contempt of court. Taking quick legal action can be the most cost-effective and efficient way to resolve the problems and get the finances on track.

An Experienced Ohio Divorce Lawyer Can Protect You from Underhanded Tactics

Your spouse might take you by surprise with unfair and underhanded tactics in divorce, but they will not catch an experienced divorce attorney off guard. At Weis Law Group, we understand how to protect your interests throughout the divorce process so that you emerge prepared to move forward. Talk to us today if you are concerned about being taken advantage of in your divorce.