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With the number of divorces happening every year still continuing to rise, several common myths have begun to proliferate their way into general public knowledge. We often hear from clients about a law or part of the divorce process which confuses or perhaps even frightens them of what they are about to face in their own case.

Let’s take a look at just a few of these divorce myths and set the record straight.


Most people commonly think of a divorce as angry spouses fighting it out tooth-and-nail to the bitter end. However, a properly-mediated divorce where both spouses are honest and genuinely try to work together often wind up finishing happy with the result. Usually, the only time a divorce ends with bitter feelings is when one spouse acts in bad faith, having their lawyer go for the throat or running whisper campaigns throughout the process.

Be a team player and genuinely try to come to a fair conclusion, and odds are you will actually leave your divorce without harboring ill feelings towards your ex.


Alimony is actually not even awarded at all in most divorces today. Alimony support is only usually awarded when one spouse was a stay-at-home parent with child-rearing responsibilities or their job is incapable of supporting them in life on their own. However, for a number of divorces which feature young professionals with careers leaving a short-term marriage, there’s actually very little chance of either spouse receiving alimony.


The reality is that most divorces will never even actually see the courtroom, particularly if reputable divorce lawyers are retained by both parties. Experienced attorneys have the ability to work with each other and their clients to get everybody to a conclusion efficiently by functioning as mediators.

Most lawyers will encourage their clients to push for an out-of-court settlement because it is much easier to control how a case proceeds. Taking a case to court both astronomically increases the financial burden of the case, but can also often leave critical interests of both parties up to the opinion of a judge and result in an unhappy dissolution and ill feelings on both sides.


This is simply a misunderstanding of a term. In this case, “equitable” does not mean “equal” but really it more closely means “fair.” This process takes the financial and employment situations of both spouses into account and then distributes the estate in a manner that is fair for both spouses. This is a much more flexible way of distributing an estate, and often makes for a much more happy result on both sides.

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