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Retaining proper and adequate representation is extremely crucial, but you are responsible for the quality and caliber of your representation. Ideally, you’d want a lawyer who is dedicated, professional, and organized – but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. It’s important to remember, however, that you are not obligated to stick with the attorney you initially hire, especially if you are unsatisfied with the service he or she provides. In this blog, our Columbus divorce attorney explains when to know it’s time to change divorce lawyers.


If you find yourself waiting around for your attorney to answer your calls and emails, it may be time to consider finding representation elsewhere. While you do need to be respectful of your lawyer’s time and major holidays, you have a right to expect that your phone calls and emails be returned promptly.


The divorce process is riddled with paperwork that is very time sensitive. Certain forms need to be filed and turned in by a certain date in order to continue with divorce proceedings. If your lawyer is constantly missing deadlines, this can compromise the outcome of your case. Not only does missing deadlines cause a delay, but sometimes the court will impose fees for paperwork that is filed late.


Being on time to meetings and remembering key facts about your case are all key components of professionalism. Having an attorney who is disorganized can negatively impact the course of your divorce case and you should move forward with a different attorney on your side.

The quality if your representation starts with your lawyer. At Weis Law Group, our firm is committed to tailoring your representation to your specific needs. This allows our Columbus divorce attorneys to become your legal allies from start to finish.

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