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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Tax Bill Repeals Alimony Deduction

    The Conference committee tax bill in Congress maintained the proposal to repeal the alimony deduction. Alimony is the same as spousal support in Ohio and will similarly repeal the tax deduction for spousal support.. This is one of the most revolutionary and controversial changes in family law in decades. Our team feels this situation can be avoided if one major factor is considered: this ...
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  • Pet Custody & Divorce

    Many families consider their pets to be a member of the family, but in a divorce, they may not have the same protections. During a divorce, you may find yourself arguing over the custody of your family pet. Pet custody disputes can feel emotionally draining and stressful, but your love for your pet shouldn’t be overlooked by the court. If you are fighting for the custody of your pet, here’s what ...
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  • When Is My Divorce Final?

    Divorce can be a lengthy process, and disputes can cause your divorce to take many months, or even years, to be finalized. So what happens when your divorce is finally over and you are considered officially divorced? Here’s what you can expect to happen. The Divorce Process Your divorce cannot be finalized until all issues have been resolved, either by an agreement between spouses or a court ...
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  • Tips for Couples Going Through Gray Divorce

    The Pew Research Center reports that divorce rates among adults over 50 have tripled since the 1990s, and they continue to climb. However, while gray divorce has become more common, it has not become any less complex or emotionally demanding for the parties involved. Cases of gray divorce almost never involve matters of custody, so common wisdom regarding out-of-court behavior during divorce may ...
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  • What Happens If My Spouse Doesn't Hire a Lawyer?

    What Happens If My Spouse Doesn’t Hire a Lawyer? If you’re getting a divorce , you know it is already complicated, even when both parties involved have adequate legal representation. However, when your spouse refuses to hire a divorce attorney, it can present some unique challenges and opportunities for you as the opposing spouse. A spouse may opt out of hiring legal representation for a variety ...
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  • Weis Law Group Wins Best Lawyers® Best Law Firms for 2018 Edition of U.S. News

    Our firm, Weis Law Group, is thrilled to announce we are the recipients of the Best Lawyers® Best Law Firms for the 2018 Edition of U.S. News. This award is only distributed to the top law firms in the nation, and we are so honored to be recognized by such a prestigious organization. Our sincere dedication to helping our clients move on from the difficulties of their family law issues has led us ...
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  • How are Retirement Benefits Divided in an Ohio Divorce?

    As part of any divorce, finances are typically at the forefront of one’s concerns. No one wants to give up their rightfully earned assets, no matter how amicable they are with their ex-spouse. As a result, people often enter into protracted, combative disagreements regarding all things financial, particularly retirement benefits. Depending on the specifics of your particular situation, our ...
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  • Tips for Effective Co-Parenting

    Co-parenting is never easy. It is difficult enough for married couples to agree wholeheartedly on their parenting styles, let alone two people who were once together but have now chosen to separate. As a result, attempting to co-parent can be a struggle--especially if you are concerned about your ex’s judgement, decision-making skills, and parenting habits. However, every parent wants the best for ...
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  • Dividing the Family Home

    Your Options on Dividing the Family Home in a Divorce Perhaps one of the most contentious aspects of divorce is agreeing on what to do with the marital home. Deciding what to do with the family home can be incredibly difficult, because it all depends on a number of factors that are specific to each couple. If you have children, you may want to keep the home because you don’t want them to ...
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  • Easing the Stress of Divorce | Columbus Family Lawyer

    Tips to Help You Ease the Stress of Divorce We all know divorce is one of the most devastating experiences for anyone to undergo, as it is a major life transition likened to a death or major loss. In fact, divorce is second only to the death of a loved one in terms of stress and anxiety. It is overwhelming, dramatic, anger-inducing, sad, and incredibly emotional. There is almost no way to prepare ...
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  • Hidden Provision in Rewritten Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act

    When the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 became law on December 23, 2016, it did not garner much attention. If people knew that a subtle clause within the paperwork impacted the split retirement pay of divorcing active duty military members, it may have caught more eyes and headlines. When the act was signed, it also turned official some rewrites to the Uniformed Services ...
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  • 6 Strange (and Likely Unenforceable) Prenuptial Clauses

    Prenuptial agreements are a common marriage tool employed by wealthy couples or couples with a high degree of unequal earning. Prenuptials , as our Columbus divorce lawyers have mentioned before, are a powerful resource for couples at any income level—it provides clarity about money behavior, lends transparency to each spouse’s expectation, and even offers a way of strengthening your marriage by ...
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