Divorce can be a lengthy process, and disputes can cause your divorce to take many months, or even years, to be finalized. So what happens when your divorce is finally over and you are considered officially divorced? Here’s what you can expect to happen.


Your divorce cannot be finalized until all issues have been resolved, either by an agreement between spouses or a court order. The divorce process starts when one spouse files a complaint for divorce. The other spouse will be notified of the divorce complaint and will be given a chance to respond. After that, the couple will either work together on their divorce agreement or, if they are unable to resolve their issues, the court will make decisions for them. Either way, the court will issue its ruling at the end of the process.


Once the issues of your divorce have been agreed upon or decided by the court, the judge will issue a ruling, known as the Judgement Entry/Decree of Divorce. It will be signed by the judge and filed with the Clerk of Courts. On your Divorce decree, there will be a date and time stamp, which is the official time and date that your marriage is considered to be over. After the time indicated by the stamp, you will be divorced.

Once your divorce is finalized, your court proceedings will end. You will be legally allowed to remarry, should you choose. If you have child or spousal support payments, they will be ordered to begin. Similarly, if you have shared parenting of your child or parenting time plans, your parenting agreement will become binding. Your property must be divided according to the divorce decree. After your divorce is finalized, any terms laid out in the divorce agreement must be followed by you and your ex-spouse.

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