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Blog Posts in September, 2018

  • Intriguing Divorce Facts That Shine New Light on Ending a Marriage

    To some extent, people the world over tend to have a greater fascination with divorce than they do marriage. While celebrity marriages do capture our attention, as shown with every royal wedding, most people keep talking about and keep looking for celebrity divorces. Why is that? There is just something about the ending of a marriage that intrigues our society. Everything only gets more ...
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  • Why Social Media & Divorce Do Not Mix

    There are many things in the world that simply do not mix. Oil and vinegar, water and electronic devices, cats and mice, and so on. But did you know that divorces and social media use are also two things you should avoid mixing together? When you are in the middle of a divorce or family law dispute , the more time you spend on social media, the worse things can get. The reason is your soon-to-be ...
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