Divorce can happen to any couple. In fact, statistically, it will happen to half of all American married couples. If you are staring at a divorce on the horizon, then know you are not alone — and also know that your divorce does not have to be contentious, problematic, and generally packed with ill-will. Equipped with a little knowledge and tips upfront, you might be able to avoid the worst of conflicts, or at least reduce the stress of the situation.

Check out these helpful divorce hints every divorcee should know:

  • Remember your children: First and foremost, if you have children with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you have to prioritize their best interests. Indeed, the family law court that handles your divorce and ultimately decides how to allocate parental rights has a legal duty to prioritize the best interests of any involved children. For example, if you can foresee a custody agreement being a problem for your child, start working on another plan. Also, do not forget to never get your children involved. They are not mediators.
  • Record everything: A divorce is a legal situation underneath it all. As with any legal process, what you know is less important than what you can prove. You need to get written copies of all important paperwork, like financial statements, and you should be writing down transcripts of all your interactions with your spouse.
  • Be flexible: Not everything you want out of your divorce is something you need out of it. Be ready to stand firm on what you need, but you should also be willing to concede or negotiate to some extent on other things. If you refuse to budge at all, just know you are setting yourself up for a lengthy – and therefore expensive – divorce.
  • Know what you do not know: The quickest way to make a divorce into a legal mess is trying to handle it on your own and without the right amount of legal knowledge. If you do not know how to fairly calculate spousal support, for example, do not just take a guess. You could be shorting yourself out of thousands of dollars each year if you do it wrong. Instead, get a family lawyer by your side as soon as possible.

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