There are many things in the world that simply do not mix. Oil and vinegar, water and electronic devices, cats and mice, and so on. But did you know that divorces and social media use are also two things you should avoid mixing together?

When you are in the middle of a divorce or family law dispute, the more time you spend on social media, the worse things can get. The reason is your soon-to-be ex-spouse and their attorney are going to be looking under every rock possible to try to gain an advantage in your divorce. As social media is where people go to voluntarily air their dirty laundry, your posts and pictures up on your “wall” could be a prime place to get digging for things to use against you.

Consider the example of going through a divorce as the spouse of lesser income. You will probably want spousal support or alimony to help keep you financially stable for a while after your divorce concludes. If you have been posting videos of you enjoying vacations aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean with a new partner while your divorce progresses, though, then your spouse could find it, show it to the court, and more easily argue that you are not really the ideal spousal support or alimony candidate.

Another common social media problem comes up often in child custody and allocation of parental rights cases. The court will not want to give parental rights to anyone who could be deemed “unfit” to be a responsible parent. Flooding your Instagram or Facebook with images of you going out for drinks each night with your friends can be a problem for your case. Yes, you might have only had one drink to help still your nerves over the pending divorce, but such images can easily be misconstrued and hard to defend.

The best way to make certain there is no conflicting or harmful “evidence” to use against you on your social media accounts is to simply stop using them while your divorce is pending. Keep in mind that making your profile private is probably not enough to keep prying eyes away from it. If anyone can see your account at all, then you have to assume there is a chance it will leak and be accessed by your ex.


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