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You might be ready for most of your divorce, like spousal support and property division, but few parents are able to anticipate what to do with the allocation of parental rights. This is understandable. After all, deciding child custody is quite possibly the most important factor of your divorce or family law dispute. You want your child to be happy, healthy, and comfortable after your divorce, and the allocation of child custody rights plays a huge role in that.

A parent who is awarded physical custody rights is allowed to live with the child. Legal custody rights allow a parent to make important life decisions for their child, like where to go to school and what medical treatments should be pursued when the child falls ill.

Would you like sole custody, though? Or, do you think it is best to make a shared parenting plan? Is there a reason to have a preference?


If you are awarded sole custody of your child, then you alone can live with them and you get the final say in important life decisions. The parent without any custody rights may still be able to visit the child on special occasions, and they may still get to discuss important decisions, but they ultimately do not have much legal authority. The benefit of sole custody is gaining confidence in how your child is being raised, as you are the one who decides the “rules”.

Shared parenting plans split physical and legal custody, usually as evenly as possible. The child will alternate living with one parent and the other, usually at bi-weekly or monthly intervals. Important decisions must be made by both ex-spouses in agreement. The benefits to shared parenting are many. Parents appreciate being able to split their parental duties, which takes some stress off their shoulders. Children of divorce who get to see both parents regularly also tend to develop stronger personalities and perform better in schools.


Can you and your ex-spouse interact peacefully and hold an advantageous conversation? If so, shared parenting is probably the right choice. If you and your ex-spouse are contentious whenever around each other, then sole custody is likely better.

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