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  • How Domestic Abusers are Using Smart Home Tech to Cause Harm

    Smart home devices have given many Americans their first dip into the technology of the future we once thought was only going to happen in sci-fi stories. Today, you can have your Amazon Echo device order you pizza, you can have your thermostat adjust itself based on how many people are home, and you can even lock and unlock your front door from your smartphone. While all of these devices are ...
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  • Who Keeps Fido? Examining California’s New Pet Custody Law

    At the beginning of 2019, California updated its laws regarding pet ownership – or pet custody – in a messy divorce . Before the legal update, the court saw pets like property, falling under either separate or community property rules just like a car, television, or dining room set. Now, a judge’s discretion gets final say in who gets to keep Fido and Fluffy after a divorce concludes, assuming the ...
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  • Divorce Rates are Down – Find Out Why

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracks all sorts of things related to the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of Americans. Did you know this also includes marriage and divorce rates in 44 states? According to the CDC’s data based on 2016, which is the most recent complete year of data available, divorce rates are dropping. From 2008 to 2016, the divorce rate has ...
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  • Divorcing as a Business Owner? Read This

    Business owners and entrepreneurs rely on their business investments and ventures for income. Many even tie the success of their business to their own personal identity. When married, though, half of the business may technically become the property of the other spouse, which also means this same split can come up in divorce . Keeping Control of Your Business in Divorce If you want to keep control ...
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  • Questions Your Child Will Ask You About Your Divorce

    Divorce is a big deal for the spouses going through it, but it might be an even bigger deal for their children. Kids are told repeatedly through society and entertainment that a family should have two parents who live together and love one another deeply. The concept of parents separating and possibly even growing to despise one another is hard for a kid to wrap their head around. Your little ones ...
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  • Five Tips for Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Home

    Moving out of your family home can be a truly emotionally draining and challenging process. It is completely normal for people to grieve the loss of places that once felt so familiar. Whether you are moving out for a new job elsewhere, due to financial troubles, or a property division order in a divorce that did not quite go your way, it can be a genuine challenge to let go of the house you called ...
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  • Divorce Don’ts: How Divorcees Land in Contempt of Divorce Court Orders

    The orders created by a divorce or family law court are effectively “private laws” that apply just to the people involved in the related case. As such, failing to follow those new rules can lead to some serious legal consequences. The legal term for someone who has not followed divorce court orders is being in contempt of court . How can a divorcee become contempt of court? There are a few common ...
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  • Are Your Holiday Plans Divorce Friendly?

    A great way to spend the holidays is traveling near and far to visit friends and family. Others prefer to use their vacation time at the end of the year and see somewhere new. If you have travel plans on your calendar for the holidays or New Year’s, be sure to take a look at your parental rights as established in your divorce or shared parenting plan first. Many new divorcees forget to consider ...
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  • How Can Marital Property Change Hands?

    In Ohio, the state’s equitable distribution rules mean your marital property will be divided fairly if you should ever divorce your spouse. Your separate property will be protected from property division in your divorce. However, the designation of property ownership is not necessarily set in stone. A legal process known as transmutation may allow for separate property to become marital property, ...
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