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Blog Posts in August, 2019

  • What is Wasteful Dissipation and How Can it Affect My Divorce?

    Spending habits are often a big point of contention for married couples and it can become an even bigger issue during the divorce process, especially if one spouse spent vast sums of marital assets to prevent the other from receiving a fair share. Ohio is an equitable distribution state, which means a judge will seek to split your assets as fairly as possible. If it is evident that your spouse ...
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  • How Should I Talk to My Fiancé About Getting a Prenuptial Agreement?

    Conversations about prenuptial agreements are certainly not the most romantic in the world, but that does not mean they are not necessary. You and your future spouse can both benefit from having a prenuptial agreement in place, so it is important to get over your hang-ups regarding this controversial topic, so you can both move forward with the process of protecting your respective futures. How ...
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