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How Should I Talk to My Fiancé About Getting a Prenuptial Agreement?

Conversations about prenuptial agreements are certainly not the most romantic in the world, but that does not mean they are not necessary. You and your future spouse can both benefit from having a prenuptial agreement in place, so it is important to get over your hang-ups regarding this controversial topic, so you can both move forward with the process of protecting your respective futures.

How can you get over the initial awkwardness you might feel about approaching your fiancé with this request? We compiled several tips that can help you initiate this conversation.

Tips for Initiating a Conversation About Creating a Prenuptial Agreement

People tend to think that prenuptial agreements are for those who do not believe their marriage will last, which is why there is often a lot of controversy around this subject. There are ways to approach this with sensitivity, so your future spouse can feel reassured that you have your relationship’s best interests at heart.

  • Try to have this conversation as soon as you can: There is nothing worse than asking your fiancé for a prenuptial agreement just weeks before your marriage. You are not providing enough time for your future spouse to consider things and it will seem as though you yourself did not give the matter much consideration either or even worse that you are blindsiding your partner. Show that you care by bringing it up early on in the relationship, even before you are engaged, to gauge how your partner feels about it.
  • Understand that it will be a heavy conversation: Talking about a prenuptial agreement is not going to be as easy as a walk in the park no matter how well it goes, so just keep that in mind and try not to expect it to be a light-hearted conversation. A prenuptial agreement is part of your plan for a future together, so expect it to be an open conversation about what is important for both of you.
  • Let your fiancé know that you care about protecting your respective futures: A prenuptial agreement is all about sparing yourselves unnecessary heartache and trouble in the event of a worst-case-scenario. You hope to never have to use it, but you choose to create one out of consideration for one another. Instead of figuring out how assets and property will be divided during a time when you might be at each other’s throats, it is better to hash it out now during a time when you both believe in protecting each other’s best interests.
  • You can create it together: It will understandably make a fiancé uneasy if they have no say-so in a prenuptial agreement, so you should suggest that you create it together to ensure that it is fair to both of you. Your fiancé will likely feel more protected if this is a collaborative act.

Work with Our Legal Team Today and Create a Prenuptial Agreement

Before you tie the knot, you and your fiancé should take the right steps toward protecting your future by creating a prenuptial agreement. At Weis Law Group, our legal team can help you create an agreement that will protect your interests, so you can feel safe in your new marriage.

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