Moving out of your family home can be a truly emotionally draining and challenging process. It is completely normal for people to grieve the loss of places that once felt so familiar. Whether you are moving out for a new job elsewhere, due to financial troubles, or a property division order in a divorce that did not quite go your way, it can be a genuine challenge to let go of the house you called your home for so long.

Gabriella Gibson of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) recently shared some of her favorite tips to make moving out of your beloved home a little easier. Take a quick look at them here if you have packing on the horizon.

Keep in mind the following tips to cope with the change of moving out:

  1. Give yourself time to reflect: Most people host a housewarming party, but have you ever considered doing the opposite? Celebrate your home and all it has done for you by inviting your family and friends over for a moving out party. During the party, share with your guests all the best memories you made in the living room, kitchen, etc. If you have children who are moving out with you, make moving out more of a game by having them draw their favorite memory from your house and what they look forward to most at the new place.
  2. Put it into images: A picture is worth a thousand words, and videos are worth a thousand photographs! Do a walkthrough of your home one last time, photographing or filming each room. Preferably, you will do this makeshift documentary before you start packing up your things so you can record your house in its typical state while you still lived there.
  3. Souvenir of your so-long: Have a little bit of fun with your goodbye and take a keepsake with you that embodies your idea of that home. For example, you might want to grab a rock out of the yard that always caught your eye whenever you spent time there. Or, maybe the doorknob to your bedroom brings forth strong, fond memories? Remember to replace whatever you take as needed.
  4. Leave something behind: You can feel connected to your old home after leaving by leaving something small and subtle behind. See if you can carve your initials into a tree in the backyard. Maybe do not paint over the doorframe where you marked your children’s heights across the years? Time capsules are a fun and engaging activity, but make sure you have permission to dig into the ground and leave something behind. For legal reasons, you may need to disclose the location of the time capsule to the new owners.
  5. Greet the new family: You probably should not greet the new family in person, but you can leave behind a letter they will find on their first day moving into the home. Wish them all the best in the new place and share bits of living advice, such as the easy way to close a window that sticks. Sharing personal stories should be kept to a minimum, as you want to give the newcomers a chance to make their own memories there, rather than just learning about yours.

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