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Blog Posts in January, 2019

  • Divorce Don’ts: How Divorcees Land in Contempt of Divorce Court Orders

    The orders created by a divorce or family law court are effectively “private laws” that apply just to the people involved in the related case. As such, failing to follow those new rules can lead to some serious legal consequences. The legal term for someone who has not followed divorce court orders is being in contempt of court . How can a divorcee become contempt of court? There are a few common ...
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  • Are Your Holiday Plans Divorce Friendly?

    A great way to spend the holidays is traveling near and far to visit friends and family. Others prefer to use their vacation time at the end of the year and see somewhere new. If you have travel plans on your calendar for the holidays or New Year’s, be sure to take a look at your parental rights as established in your divorce or shared parenting plan first. Many new divorcees forget to consider ...
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  • How Can Marital Property Change Hands?

    In Ohio, the state’s equitable distribution rules mean your marital property will be divided fairly if you should ever divorce your spouse. Your separate property will be protected from property division in your divorce. However, the designation of property ownership is not necessarily set in stone. A legal process known as transmutation may allow for separate property to become marital property, ...
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