Weis Law Group remains open to our clients and potential new clients while our state struggles to contain this third wave of COVID-19.  We have been conducting all meetings by phone and video conference, including initial consultations with potential new clients.

We will continue operating like this until a vaccine is widely available and it is safe to resume normal operations. We welcome your emails. Your calls may go directly to our voicemail, but we will promptly return your calls during typical business hours while working remotely. Should you have any problems reaching us by phone, please complete a contact form request. 

Franklin County Updates

The Court remains open for business for electronic and in-person hearings.  The Court will endeavor to conduct as many of its cases and interactions as practical via available technology; no person who is unwilling or unable to attend an in-person hearings due to COVID-19 concerns/illnesses/complications will be forced to attend in person.  Whether to continue the matter or proceed with a hybrid hearing (i.e., a hearing wherein some individuals/parties participate in-person while others participate via electronic means) remains the sole discretion of the assigned Judge.  Signed, timely motions for continuance may be filed by e-mail directly to the assigned courtroom; a list of those contact telephone numbers and email addresses is located on the DRJ Court website: https://drj.fccourts.org.


We’re here to help

You don’t have to risk your health and safety to end your marriage or engage the courts to act in your children’s best interests.  We can sign and notarize documents with you remotely by video conference. 

We can proceed with your dissolution hearing or uncontested divorce by video conference.  Collaborative dissolutions can occur over video conferencing as well. Although our practice has changed in that most business is conducted electronically, we are finding that this results in a more efficient operation, saving our clients’ money and time. 

As the holidays approach, we wish you a happy and safe Holiday season! Our office will be closed for business on November 26 and 27 to celebrate Thanksgiving safely with our families.  Each year, including 2020, we close from December 24 through New Year’s Day in order to afford our team the opportunity to enjoy this time with family as well.  This year, we are thinking of everyone we lost this past year and of our friends who have lost loved ones and treasured friends. 

We appreciate your continued trust in our office and look forward to the opportunity to guide you through your dissolution, divorce or prenuptial agreement.