Do You Need to Worry About Love Bombing?

It could be the dream that turns into a nightmare. When a new romantic partner showers you with gifts and attention, you may feel like you’ve found “the one.” Someone who calls or texts constantly, overwhelms you with compliments, and makes grand romantic gestures may seem too good to be true.

If the actions are a tactic known as “love bombing,” then the partner may be true, but that doesn’t make the situation good. Far from it, in fact. Divorce lawyers often see unpleasant results from this type of manipulative behavior. Love bombers overwhelm their partners with too much of a good thing to gain absolute control in the relationship.

Extravagant Gifts

One way love bombers exert their influence is by sending or bringing extravagant and often expensive gifts. This makes them look successful, even if they can’t afford what they’re buying. It also tends to sweep a new partner off their feet, overwhelming their senses and emotions. When someone is overwhelmed, it can be hard to detect that something is not right.

Attention and Flattery

When you meet someone who pays attention to you and what you’re saying, the impact can seem to forge an instant connection. This connection is often the magic spark in a new relationship, and it happens in healthy relationships as well as unhealthy, manipulative ones.

Affection and compliments are also natural in both healthy and unhealthy new relationships, so it can be hard to recognize a problem, particularly in the early days. Exaggerated affection, constant attention, and excessive flattery can be very romantic and seductive.

When Attention Becomes Isolation

While it can be challenging to tell when attention is a sign of healthy interest or an effort to manipulate, one way to tell the difference is the attentive partner’s reaction to friends and family. A partner who wants to spend all of their time with you exclusively could want to isolate you from your other relationships.

As the connection with friends and family fades, the attentive partner becomes the controlling partner. This narcissistic behavior can potentially lead to emotional or physical abuse. The isolated partner often feels they have no one to turn to for help, and they just wait, hoping the situation will improve.

Surviving a Love Bomb Attack

When someone has been controlled by a love bomber, they often lose their sense of identity. Daily choices, such as what to wear, may be made for them so often they lose touch with their preferences. It can take considerable time to recover.

Therapy can be tremendously helpful. Reaching to friends and family and returning to activities can also help recover a sense of self after a love bomb attack.

Legal Assistance After an Unhealthy Relationship

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