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  • How Should I Talk to My Fiancé About Getting a Prenuptial Agreement?

    Conversations about prenuptial agreements are certainly not the most romantic in the world, but that does not mean they are not necessary. You and your future spouse can both benefit from having a prenuptial agreement in place, so it is important to get over your hang-ups regarding this controversial topic, so you can both move forward with the process of protecting your respective futures. How ...
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  • 6 Strange (and Likely Unenforceable) Prenuptial Clauses

    Prenuptial agreements are a common marriage tool employed by wealthy couples or couples with a high degree of unequal earning. Prenuptials , as our Columbus divorce lawyers have mentioned before, are a powerful resource for couples at any income level—it provides clarity about money behavior, lends transparency to each spouse’s expectation, and even offers a way of strengthening your marriage by ...
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  • Things to Include in Your Prenuptial Agreement

    Before getting married, many couples obtain a prenuptial agreement – also referred to as a “prenup” – to ensure that each person’s property and assets are protected. There seems to be a public perception that these types of contracts are for the wealthy elite, but the truth is, regardless of your financial situation, prenuptial agreements clarify each spouse’s financial rights and protect them ...
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  • Common Prenuptial Agreement Mistakes to Avoid

    Are you committed to having a prenuptial agreement before you get married? Or have a partner who would like you to sign one before your wedding? These matters can be sensitive for a couple and, to alleviate some of the awkwardness, many couples streamline the prenuptial agreement process just to "get it over with." However, a careful approach is needed for this process and, too many times, couples ...
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