Personal Information Worksheet For Premarital Agreement

    Please provide the information requested below. This questionnaire is divided into two parts. The first part asks for personal information about you and your fiancé(e). The second part asks for information about your financial affairs. Your responses will help us understand your objectives and evaluate your needs. The information you provide us, including the answers to the questions below, is confidential, meaning we will not share it with your fiancé(e), or with his or her attorney, unless you authorize us to do so.


    Phone NumbersO.K. to phone here?
    Do you have caller ID on home phone?
    Call before sending fax?

    AddressesIs this e-mail address password protected?

    LevelGraduate?Degree type/subjectDateSchool
    High School
    Post Doc
    Are you currently in school?
    Former Spouse NameDate marriage terminatedHow terminated (death, divorce)