Best Worthington Area Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce can be pretty stressful, but hiring a divorce attorney to help can make the process much easier on you and your family. If you enlist qualified legal support early on, we can help you resolve this unfortunate situation more quickly. Once you've retained experienced counsel, you'll be able to make it through this and begin rebuilding your future.

Weis Law Group provides expert legal services to our clients in the Worthington, Ohio area. All of our attorneys have experience in many areas of family law, including divorce. We will work alongside you all along the way, and keep your case moving forward while providing expert advocacy and advice. 

About Weis Law Group

Our experienced attorneys belong to local bar associations such as the Columbus Bar Association and the Ohio Bar Association. Our founding Attorney, Amy Weis, is an Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) Certified Specialist, and maintains a fellowship with the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). She has also ranked among The Best Lawyers in America for Family Law and on Super Lawyers for several years. 

This dedication to quality is how Weis Law Group offers expert divorce representation to clients in the Worthington area. We take our jobs very seriously, driving our commitment to excellence. Here at Weis Law, our team consistently strives to provide the best Worthington area divorce services to you and your family. Your financial and emotional wellbeing always comes first. 

Weis Law Group Practice Areas

While divorce can present many difficult challenges, working with the Weis Law Group, puts the odds on your favor. Once you have us on your team, you can face your divorce situation with confidence. Our lawyers can draft vital family law documents for you, such as prenuptial or cohabitation agreements and legal separation documents. We will also help your deal with other divorce-related procedures such as child custody and child support, division and allocation of property and assets, spousal support and alimony, pet custody, and more. 

Entrust your case to the top-rated attorneys of Weis Law Group and gain peace of mind. With our team on your side, your divorce is in good hands. We'll do whatever is necessary to fight for you in the courtroom. On the other hand, if you're dealing with a more amicable process, we can call upon our well-honed skills in alternative methods like collaborative divorce. Your priorities are our priorities, and we'll always go the distance for your best interests. 

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If you need a top divorce attorney you can trust in Worthington and the surrounding area, consider retaining Weis Law Group. Our team is standing by to answer your questions, review your case, and provide actionable next steps based on your unique situation. Contact our office by phone at (614) 732-5566 and get started today. We look forward to serving you.