Powerful Advocates for a Peaceful Separation

You’ve decided to change your life - leave the rest to us.

I can’t do this anymore.

If you’ve repeatedly been asking yourself how much longer you can live like this, but the thought of taking the next step to make a change given the costs, the risks to your career, and the social repercussions seem overwhelming to you, you don’t need to lose anymore sleep struggling to decide what to do next.

Let Weis Law Group guide you through the transition of separation and divorce while protecting you, your children, your assets, and your income. At Weis Law Group, we’re more than just attorneys - we’re your allies ready to guide you to your new life and promising future. 

Powerful Advocates for a Peaceful Separation

You’ve decided to change your life - leave the rest to us.

Columbus Divorce and Family Lawyers

Separation and divorce can feel very alienating - how can you find someone to support you who knows what you’re going through? Amy Weis has been through the same transition you’re facing right now, as a woman business owner who went through her own divorce. That’s how she and her team know what you need - expert legal advice, options that work for you, and the right steps to get you moving into a more hopeful, less stressful future. 

Weis Law Group is proud to be associated with the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers™ which opposes any interpretation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights that rejects the fundamental right of privacy, rights protecting familial and individual autonomy, and the rights of individuals to order their own personal world, as a majority of the US Supreme Court has, in its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson.


These accolades represent the accomplishments of Amy J. Weis.

Let Us Guide You Through This to Better Days

Marriages start out with a sense of hope for the future - you feel like you’re in it together and all things are possible. But over time, hope often fades as conflict creeps into your marriage. You have different goals and different dreams. Your desire for different lives leads to increasing levels of pain and anger. The person you are supposed to value over everything else in your world is no longer even your friend. Gradually, you come to the realization "I just can’t do this anymore."

But what do you do next?

You consult with Weis Law Group. Get to know your rights, your responsibilities, the ways you can take action, and how we support and guide you through it all. 


Come in for a Consult

Set up your initial consult so we can get to know each other - tell us about your concerns, what keeps you up at night, and your hopes for the future. We’ll tell you exactly what you need to know about the legal process  and what working with us will look like - we’re here to support and guide you.


Create Your Plan

Together, we map out your action plan - looking at the history of your marriage, your assets, your parenting arrangements, and more. We aim to avoid litigation whenever possible, but we’re also not afraid to fight for what is best for you and your family. 


Start Your New Future

Stepping away from your marriage and into your new life is hard to do alone - but you’ve got us on your side and the unknown under control. Stop sacrificing your sense of self and your career, and start living the free and safe life you deserve. Be happy, be whole, and love your life again.


“I am extremely grateful to the law firm of Amy Weis for their outstanding guidance throughout my divorce process. Jamie Cardenas, with her diligence and professionalism, made a challenging situation much more manageable. Her expertise and support were invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend Amy Weis' law firm to anyone in need of expert representation for divorce matters. Thank you for everything!”


“Amy was wonderful to work with. She was focused on achieving a realistic outcome and did not push to fight on issues when she knew how the judge would rule. I greatly valued her sage advice and sense of humor throughout what is a painful life experience. I also appreciated that she was very pragmatic about how to best resolve differences with my ex did not push me to go to trial... or rack up a bunch of billable hours when she knew the settlement would result in a better, faster outcome. She is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, but also just a great, caring person. I highly recommend that anyone facing a divorce or custody situation take the time to talk with her about representing you.”


“I am forever grateful to Amy Weis and her law group for providing me a secure future. They were dependable and caring and fought for my rights. I recommend them highly and would always trust them!”


"Amy was the best thing that could have happened to me with regard to my divorce case. She puts her 100% into your case and is super thorough and responsive to all your needs. I couldn't have imagined having another attorney as I am not confident I would have achieved my desired results with someone else. If you want the most out of your case I highly recommend you look no further than Amy Weis. I left knowing I hired the best divorce attorney in Columbus."


"Amy and David were incredible. They made sure I was informed of every step in the legal process, and their responses to emails and phone calls were quick and informative, making you feel like you are their most important client. They worked tirelessly on my behalf and I can't imagine a more professional and effective team."


"Amy Weis guided me through a very contentious divorce and did so in a very professional, yet personal, manner. One of the things that I appreciated most about Ms. Weis was her advice regarding which issues to pursue further and which to leave alone. I felt that Amy always had my best interest at heart and was willing to fight for me in court if necessary. I have referred several friends to Ms. Weis and they were equally impressed."


"Amy is an amazing attorney with an amazing team. Smart, compassionate, detail oriented and she cares! I will never hesitate to refer to her office."


"Amy and her staff did an outstanding job helping me navigate my dissolution. Her experience, compassion, and knowledge provided outstanding guidance while allowing me to make the decisions. She understood my priorities and made sure those were taken care of."


"Amy and her team are amazing! They take every step with you. They made me feel empowered while going through the process of terminating a very long marriage. I knew I made the best choice when I realized I had a highly educated and sincere team that became my ammunition of factual content to get me the best deal possible. Love the entire team here- I would not change a single thing during my divorce process."


"Amy was a great attorney. Her firm represented me with the utmost in candor and honesty and I can say that her performance was stellar. I am forever thankful for her representation."


"Amy Weis provided me with the tools that I needed to persevere through a difficult time. I noticed her compassion, intelligence, and diligence immediately. I would highly recommend her!"


When your marriage ends, you have plenty of concerns to keep you up at night. You know that you just can’t do this anymore. But how will you separate peacefully, protect your assets, build your career or business, and keep everything in your life together? You need Weis Law Group on your side.

When you work with the experienced attorneys at Weis Law Group, you get more than just a guide through the complex and confusing legal process. You get allies who help you put the past into the past, rebuild your life, and transform into the happy, successful person you’ve always wanted to be. 

Don’t wait even one more day to get started. Your new life is waiting.