Post-Decree Modification In Columbus

Have Financial Circumstances Changed Following Your Divorce?

When spousal support or child support is ordered in a divorce case, sometimes those orders can be modified if the parties’ financial circumstances change after the divorce.

Columbus Lawyers Help You Explore Your Legal Options

At Weis Law Group we often represent clients even after the divorce process has been finalized. Our Columbus attorneys have helped numerous individuals modify the terms of their original court orders, prevent and deal with changes to support orders, and resolve their post-divorce financial issues.

Whether you have been laid off at your job and can no longer provide the same level of financial assistance, relocated, made changes in your personal relationships, or anything in between, our goal is to ensure that we explore all the options available to you for modifications of spousal support orders or modifications of child support orders.

Our Columbus attorneys can provide legal assistance for:

  • Modifications of Spousal support.
  • Enforcement of spousal support.
  • Modifications of child custody, parental rights and responsibilities, visitation or parenting time.
  • Modifications of child support, or enforcement of child support orders.

Putting More Than 25 Years Of Combined Experience To Work For You

At Weis Law Group, we are available for our clients who wish to appeal a judgment after the divorce process has been finalized. Our Columbus attorneys have successfully helped clients reverse judgments on appeal as well as defend favorable judgments on appeals filed by the other party. Appeals are time sensitive and have strict deadlines, so it is important to speak with an attorney about your options right away.

Our Columbus attorneys can provide legal assistance with:

Pursuing a modification may be the only option in your circumstances, and failing to do so could have negative consequences stemming from accumulating unpaid support. In order for a modification to be granted, it is necessary to prove that your circumstances have changed significantly enough to justify and change in the orders.

Many times, this is a complex, confusing, and difficult process, and it is critical to have an experienced legal team at your side. Our firm brings more than 25 combined years in the legal field to the table, and is well-prepared to assist both individuals and families with a wide range of issues pertaining to post-divorce modifications.