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Understanding Legal Separation In Ohio

For some couples facing a difficult time in their marriage, a legal separation can be preferable to a divorce. While a divorce legally severs a marriage, a separation keeps a marriage legally intact. This can have multiple advantages for the couple—especially if they believe that reconciling is a distinct possibility.

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Why Choose Legal Separation Over Divorce?

There are numerous reasons why a separation may be preferable over a divorce. Many separated couples choose separation because of religious reasons, or to maintain critical insurance benefits. Others choose separation because, while the couple needs time and space from one another, they are open to the possibility of moving back in together and resuming their marriage.

No matter what the reasons for a separation, however, it is critical that each spouse retain proven counsel. A legal separation requires many of the same arrangements that a divorce does and establishing these terms involves careful negotiation.

The following matters need to be addressed in a separation:

This is a critical part of the separation process and protects each spouse from certain responsibilities or burdens while they remain apart. If the couple later transitions to a divorce, these separation agreements will inform the court as to what works (or doesn't work) for the couple—so it is important that these separation agreements are comprehensive and agreeable to each party.

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