Columbus Property Division Attorneys

How Property Is Divided In An Ohio Divorce

Divorce can be an emotionally complex and challenging time, and it is necessary to make important, life-altering decisions during the process. One of these important decisions involves how to properly divide up the debts and assets between yourself and your spouse. Under Ohio law, items considered to be marital property should be divided in a fair and equitable manner.

What Is Considered "Marital Property"?

"Marital property" generally constitutes all property acquired during the course of the marriage with marital funds or marital effort, even if the property is titled to only one individual. Examples of non-marital property may include property that a spouse owned before the marriage, a gift or inheritance, and more.

Ohio Law & Equitable Distribution Of Property

Due to the laws in place, judges will initially presume that an equal distribution of property will occur. However, under certain circumstances, they may deviate from this rule. At Weis Law Group, our Columbus lawyers can help you understand your property value, whether or not it is considered marital, whether or not the property should be equally distributed, and other aspects of this issue. Our priority is protecting your rights, including your rights to property, and ensuring that you retain or obtain what you are entitled to.


Protecting Your Rights & Best Interests

From helping you determine the assets and liabilities that exist amongst you and your spouse to identifying marital and non-marital property to fighting for your best interests and rights in negotiations or a courtroom, our Columbus attorneys are here with you every step of the way.