Creating Cohabitation Agreements In Ohio

Our Columbus Lawyers Can Negotiate Your Agreement

Our Columbus lawyers at Weis Law Group can help you negotiate, create, and finalize a detailed cohabitation agreement that is legally sound, and enforceable by a court, should your cohabitating relationship end.

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Cohabitation Laws In Ohio

Unmarried couples who are cohabitating are not given any type of legal status similar to married couples under Ohio law. Instead, they can define their rights and responsibilities through a legal document called a cohabitation agreement. While the state does not require written contracts, it is difficult to enforce an oral agreement.

Some of the elements of a cohabitation agreement may include:

  • Determining how property will be divided
  • Determining how accumulated assets and debts will be divided
  • Determining who gets the house if you are not married
  • Determining how to share your pets if you separate

Why Create A Cohabitation Agreement?

With no laws in our state protecting unmarried, cohabitating individuals, going through a split with your partner may quickly become an extremely complex, confusing, and frustrating situation. This is exactly why our attorneys recommend creating a cohabitation agreement as soon as possible. Much like a prenuptial agreement before marriage, this document is able to better protect both parties and their property, and make the process much smoother, should a breakup occur.

Well-Informed & Experienced Legal Counsel

Entering into such an agreement should be done with the well-informed counsel of an experienced lawyer. We can help you effectively negotiate during this time, protect your rights and best interests, and ensure that you finish with the agreement and peace of mind you both need and deserve.

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