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The decision to terminate a marriage is never easy. When you consider the potential for hefty fees, time in court, and the drawn-out nature of this emotionally and financially straining process, it can be tempting to avoid the issue. At Weis Law Group, we are a team of dedicated Columbus attorneys who understand just how unpleasant ending your marriage can be, which is why we dedicate our time, energy, and resources into making it as seamless as possible.

If you are in the lucky part of the population who can afford to seek alternative options for ending your marriage, you may be wondering what these other options involve. For those who are amicable with their ex-partner, and able to be fully transparent with their finances and motives, collaborative divorce is an option.

Collaborative Law Dissolution involves both parties working together to resolve the issues that mean the most to them, instead of leaving these vital decisions up to a judge. Whether these issues include child custody, child support, parenting time, spousal support, division of property or otherwise, you can skip leaving your fate in the judge’s hands and instead work with your ex-partner, your respective lawyers, a financial neutral and a mental health neutral to resolve your issues. Avoiding traditional litigation is easier than ever for those who wish to remain cordial with their ex-spouse and want to save their time, money, and energy.

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At Weis Law Group, we understand the delicate nature of ending your marriage, regardless of how amicable the relationship may be between the two of you. Despite ending your marriage on a positive note, you will still feel a degree of sadness at the ending of this chapter in your life, and our Columbus attorneys are sensitive to that. We remain professional and compassionate to you and your situation, and our years of education and experience are a testament to just how dedicated we are to the people of Columbus.

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