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The circumstances of families can change. When these circumstances require a parent with primary custody of children to relocate, they can create tension between parents and post-divorce legal complications. Whether you are a parent looking to move with your children, or a non-custodial parent looking to challenge your co-parent's petition to relocate, skilled legal representation is needed to ensure the court properly considers your goals and concerns.

If you are a divorced parent facing a relocation issue, our team at Weis Law Group is ready to hear from you. Our compassionate and skilled Columbus lawyers are committed to a client-centric approach to our work. We understand how important our clients' legal goals are to them and the future of their families and consistently provide the diligence and legal prowess those goals deserve.

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Relocating With A Child In Ohio

When a custodial parent decides to relocate, they must inform the same court that handled their divorce of their intentions to move. This gives notice to both the court and the co-parent who have any concerns about the proposed relocation. If there are objections, a hearing will be set for both parents to attend. There, each parent can make their case for or against the relocation.

Key factors the court will consider in a relocation hearing include:

  • Reasoning - what are the reasons for the move? Will the move benefit the child?
  • Parenting time - will relocation affect the child's time with both parents?
  • Distances - how far away will the new residence be?
  • Other various "best interests" concerns for the child

As you can see, many of the same factors that are parsed during custody matters must again be re-examined at a relocation hearing. This is why, whether you are a custodial or non-custodial parent, it is critical that you have proven representation by your side that can compellingly put forth your needs and concerns to the judge. Our Columbus lawyers can guide you through each step.

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