Contempt Of Court Orders

Columbus Lawyers Filing Motions For Contempt

During the divorce proceedings, family law courts may make numerous rulings regarding the terms and conditions of the split. When the court has issued a judgment, order, or decree and the party to which it pertains disregards it, they can be held in contempt.

If an ex-spouse if not complying with a court order, our Columbus attorneys at Weis Law Group can assist by filing a Motion for Contempt on your behalf. After this motion has been filed, the court will then be able to enforce their initial ruling and ensure that your ex-spouse pays child support or alimony, or abides by other terms of the order.

Filing a Motion for Contempt can help you recover:

  • Missing child support payments
  • Marital property

Legal Methods For Enforcing Court Orders

Because matters involving divorce and family law are often contentious, one party may be very unhappy with the final outcome and have no desire to comply with the orders of the court. However, they have a legal obligation to follow orders, and when they refuse to, may face both civil and criminal action taken against them to enforce compliance.

From garnishing wages to placing liens on property to suspending licenses, there are a variety of ways for courts to inform any action.

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