Co-parenting is never easy. It is difficult enough for married couples to agree wholeheartedly on their parenting styles, let alone two people who were once together but have now chosen to separate. As a result, attempting to co-parent can be a struggle–especially if you are concerned about your ex’s judgement, decision-making skills, and parenting habits. However, every parent wants the best for their child. This is why co-parenting as a team with your ex, no matter how you feel about each other, is the best way to ensure your child is best protected during this difficult time.

The following are tips for effective co-parenting:

  • Don’t let your feelings take over. Your emotions are likely running high, which may result in putting your children in the middle. This is the worst possible thing to do, as your anger or hurt can completely overtake the situation. Remaining as calm as you can is the best way to ensure your child can maintain a positive relationship with both parents.
  • Focus on communication, and show restraint when necessary. If you are dedicated to improving your relationship with your ex, you will listen to them as you wish they would listen to you. Keep the conversation kid-focused so as to avoid getting off track and possibly arguing.
  • Co-parent together, as there are a number of specific issues you and your ex need to agree on and be consistent with. These issues include religion, rules, discipline, schedule, education, medical needs, etc. Working as a team will invaluably benefit everyone involved.
  • Transitions will be difficult, but you must remember this is hardest on your child. Try to make the pick-up/drop-off process as seamless as possible, and allow your child space following the process.


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