When people think of divorce, they often imagine ugly courtroom battles and bitter fights. However, there are other, less hostile methods for dissolving a marriage that both parties can benefit from. However, it is necessary for spouses to approach this method with an open mind and a willingness to compromise, or they might not be able to achieve a settlement. To get the most out of your collaborative dissolution, cooperate, listen, and never fight for something simply out of spite.

Here are some of the benefits of opting for a collaborative divorce instead of litigation:

  • Reduced legal fees: Divorce litigation can get expensive, especially given the amount of research a legal team must do during the discovery process. In some cases, a spouse might try to hide marital assets, which means your attorney will have to search for them, raising costs and increasing the length of time it takes to reach a resolution. When you choose a collaborative dissolution of marriage, both spouses will lay everything out on the table to hash out an agreement they can both live with. Without having to waste resources on an intense discovery process, you can end up saving quite a lot on legal fees.
  • A customized arrangement: When you go through divorce litigation, you might not necessarily be happy with the results. In fact, you might both be downright angry about the outcome. In a collaborative dissolution, you and your spouse will have the chance to advocate for your own goals and, through negotiations, customize a solution that meets these goals. You might not get everything you want, but you will still have more of a say-so in your future than you would if you were to leave it up to a judge.
  • A faster process: Since you will not be at the mercy of the court’s packed schedule, you will be able to move through the divorce process rather quickly. In a collaborative dissolution, you move at your own pace, so the better you are able to negotiate and compromise, the sooner you can wrap this up.
  • Better for your children: If you share children with your spouse, you will still have to work together to raise them in the aftermath of your divorce, so it is in your best interest to maintain a good, working relationship with him or her. Given that collaborative divorce is all about compromise and negotiations, it often lays out the perfect groundwork for former spouses to become successful co-parents once the dust settles and the marriage officially comes to an end. On the other hand, divorce litigation can further fan the flames of hostility.

If you are unsure of the best approach for your divorce, contact an attorney to discuss your case!


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