Getting a divorce, whether you initiated it or not, can be a lonely process that can sometimes make you feel unworthy of love. To combat these feelings, many often quickly reenter the dating scene. After all, finding someone new who adores all the things your spouse eventually found fault in is a massive ego boost. Unfortunately, if you date during the divorce process, you may experience some unintended consequences that could be detrimental to you on multiple levels.


Although you might think you are ready to move on, dating before your divorce is finalized is a big mistake that can impact your life in numerous ways, especially if you have children. The divorce process can be time-consuming, leaving little time for you to heal, care for your family, and focus your energy on a new relationship. Instead of trying to make a difficult situation work, give yourself the time you need to close this chapter before starting a new one.

Here are some of the problems dating during your divorce can create:

  • Your spouse may be less inclined to cooperate: Starting a new relationship or dating before finalizing your divorce can inspire some feelings of jealousy and bitterness in your spouse, especially if it raises questions about your fidelity during the marriage. As a result, you might find yourself in the midst of an incredibly contentious litigation process, which will not be helpful for anyone involved.
  • Your children need you around: Your children are probably having a difficult time coping with the divorce and the idea that their parents will no longer be a couple. They will eventually have to come to terms with the fact that you and their other parent might find other partners, but right now, they need your love and support. Help them through this process before you focus on yourself and your dating life.
  • You need time to heal: The end of a marriage is a big deal and, even though it is what is likely best for your happiness and wellbeing in the long run, you still need to spend time healing in the short-term. If you jump back into the dating pool too soon, you may end up repeating the same mistakes in your new relationship. Spare yourself the heartache by partaking in some introspection before seeking a new partner.


If you are getting a divorce, you should hold off on dating until after your divorce is finalized to ensure it does not derail the process. At Weis Law Group, our family law team can guide you with knowledgeable legal advice and direction you need to smoothly navigate your divorce and protect your interests. We understand the challenges you are facing and can provide the compassionate support you need to get through this difficult time.

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