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  • The Benefits of Choosing a Collaborative Dissolution of Marriage

    When people think of divorce, they often imagine ugly courtroom battles and bitter fights. However, there are other, less hostile methods for dissolving a marriage that both parties can benefit from. However, it is necessary for spouses to approach this method with an open mind and a willingness to compromise, or they might not be able to achieve a settlement. To get the most out of your ...
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  • Five Tips for Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Home

    Moving out of your family home can be a truly emotionally draining and challenging process. It is completely normal for people to grieve the loss of places that once felt so familiar. Whether you are moving out for a new job elsewhere, due to financial troubles, or a property division order in a divorce that did not quite go your way, it can be a genuine challenge to let go of the house you called ...
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